Automated pool maintenance Klereo Kompact product

Klereo Kompact product

The basic Klereo Kit:

  • 1 electronic central unit
  • 2 chemical metering pumps
  • 1 water temperature sensor
  • 1 PH sensor
  • 1 flow switch

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Klereo Kompact combines all the essential features of the swimming pool.
It is affordable and good value for money.
Connected to the existing electrical box of the pool.

Complete pool automation

The advantages of Klereo Kompact

  • Automatic water treatment to ensure optimum water quality
  • Complete pool automation of the main features for your pool: heaters, lights, cleaning, pumps, filtration systems, chemical feeders, jets, countercurrent swimming equipment …user friendly (controls up to 9 features with M1 range)
  • Energy savings and monitoring
  • For a Connected pool: using your smart phone, tablet or web-connected device and manage all the elements of your pool heating lightning and all other features of your pool.
  • Protection of the filtration pump and the pool cover
  • Swimming pool antifreeze protection *(optional)
  • 100% compatible with any pool and pool service room
  • Klereo products are compatible with any pool water treatment such as chlorine + pH, salt electrolysis + pH, active oxygen + pH, bromine + pH

Reliable and secure K-link communication protocol user friendly and easy to install.

Klereo system is compatible with the automatic valves which clean the sand filter.
Klereo pilots UV and ozone disinfection systems.

Pool disinfection chemical of your choice

Liquid chlorine: The regulation of liquid chlorine is accurately done thanks to its redox probe.

Salt electrolysis: With a salt level of 4 to 5 g / l, Klereo Salt electrolyzer can produce 15 to 25g of chlorine per hour depending on the capacity of the cell to treat swimming pools up to 130 m3. Chlorine regulation is proportionally done according to the volume of the pool and the water temperature.

Bromine: Bromine level is proportionally controlled with a Redox sensor. The bromine control kit contains a solenoid valve, a 24 V transformer and a redox probe.

Active oxygen: Active oxygen regulation is included in the Basic Kit. It is carried out proportionally according to the volume of the pool and the water temperature.

Kompact: principles of Operation

Kompact Klereo product : principles of operation


Klereo options

Klereo Connect

Klereo Connect

Easily access Klereo cloud using your smart phone, tablet or web-connected device and manage all the features of your pool with a simple and Intuitive graphical user Interface.

klereo connect Pad

Klereo Pad

Your pool service room is hardly accessible?
Klereo Pad remotely display the control panel allowing you to pilot your pool from your living room (100-meter range in open field).

Klereo connect pad2

Klereo Pad 2

Comes with Klereo Connect Kit and a pre-configured tablet to connect to the Klereo Cloud.
Pilot all the features of your pool with an Intuitive graphical user Interface via WIFI connection.
Complementary options for everyday convenience!

Freeze protection

You want to winterize your pool located in an area exposed to negative temperatures during the winter, Klereo freeze protection activates the filtration system when the temperature is below a certain threshold preventing the water from freezing and expensive freeze damage repair of your installation.

Empty chemical feeders detection

This option lets you know when to change the chemical container (pH, chlorine or active oxygen).
In fact, the empty chemical sensor transmits the information to Klereo control unit, to Klereo pad and to the Internet interface.