KLEREO adapts to Spas by using 0,4 l/h dosing pumps.

You want to equip a public pool subjected to strict rules: free chlorine regulation is the solution.
Injection of liquid chlorine is regulated by an amperometric probe measuring the free chlorine level of the pool.

piscine olympique

for a full automatic filtration
Klereo Valve wash automatically sand filters and removes impurities to ensure the
quality water.
The advantages of Klereo Valve:
• Clear and pure water,
• The comfort of an automated system,
• Simple to install and to use. Possibility to rotate the connections by 90 °.
• No need to stop filtration during washings,
• Maximum safety: when it is powered off, the valve automatically switches to the filtration position (Mechanical move of a spring) and the swimming pool cannot be empty because of the valve malfunction,
• Less pressure drop due to the valve: higher washing speed and more efficient backwashing.


The essential tool of pool professional!

With Klereo Explorer, make a diagnostic before to move to the pool. Get liable data via internet and optimize organization of your pool maintenance activity. Fast installation and easy to use, Klereo Explorer fits to all pool configurations.
The Klereo Explorer sensors is installed on the filtration circuit, after the filter, and thus provide accurate data, more reliable than float systems. The sensors are connected to the multisensor box which transmits the data to the Connect box, and to the internet.

Improved your customer service
As part of your maintenance contract, Klereo Explorer allows you to:
• analyze the pool water via internet
• define the filtration times and quantity of chemicals to be added
• to alert your customer in case of risk of deviation of the water balance
• explore the pool parameters and better understand water treatment and filtration behavior
• to identify a problem: pump, skimmer or prefilter clogged by tree leaves, dirty filter...