The best technology to easily control your pool !

Klereo Kompact productkompactplus Klereo product

Klereo Kompact + M9 combines all the essential features of the swimming pool.

gamme M9 : filtration - pH - disinfectant - lighting - heatingcleaning robot - blower - counter current swimming - water jet
It is affordable and good value for money. With its integrated electrical box and 9 connections, Klereo is ready for immediate installation and use.
  • Automated pool treatment (pH and disinfectant regulation)
  • Control pool filtration
  • Complete control of the main features for your pool: lights, heaters, cleaning, pumps, cleaning robot, water fountain ...)
  • Energy savings and monitoring.

Semi-public swimming pools and SPAs

With KLEREO solutions, discover pool automation control.

KLEREO solutions also adapt to semi-public pools and Spas.
  • Accurate Ph regulation and sanitation adapted to the parameters of your pool with various technologies of injection pumps
  • Optimum regulation with the potentiostatic probe controller which continuously measures the value of free chlorine of the pool
  • Multi-sensor providing accurate water quality analysis
  • Internet connection to consult and act remotely on the parameters of the pool (pH, chlorine, temperature, water pressure)
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